ORTOFON VNL Swiss Online Scratch Battle


How to enter the competition:

  1. Download and choose one beat from the VNL Looper vol.1 or vol.2: https://skratchnerds.com/loopers/
  2. Record a 1.30-minute scratch video.
  3. Send us your video by PM on Facebook or Instagram by 28.02.2021
    ! do not post your video on your FB or IG account!


 -> Our jury will choose the 8 finalists who will perform on quarter-final, semi-final and final.



Participants must live in Switzerland.

You must enter and send your video by 28.02.2021 23.59.

Scratch on real vinyl, no DVS allowed.

Your video must have a good sound quality.



First Round --> Deadline 28.02.2021 23.59, result on 08.03.2021

Quarter Final --> Deadline 14.03.2021 23.59, result on 22.03.2021

Semi Final --> Deadline 28.03.2021, result on 05.04.2021

Final --> Deadline 11.04.2021, result on 19.04.2021


Winner Prize: 2x Ortofon VNL, 2x Headshells, 1 pair VNL Slipmat, 1x VNL T-Shirt

Finalist Prize: 1 pair VNL Slipmat, 1x VNL T-shirt,  PM us for more details

@ 5th floor | Erlenstrasse 27, 2555 Brügg (Biel-Bienne)